Southport Comedy Festival – COVID-19 Information – Updated August 2021.

At this time, all legal restrictions on social contact have been removed but we want to ensure that should things take a turn for the worst, barring a full lockdown, we will be able to hold the Southport Comedy Festival.

What we don’t want to happen is for us to sell tickets to the maximum capacity of the venue only to find we have to introduce controls at a later date and have to cancel tickets already purchased because of social distancing restrictions.

For this reason we are initially restricting the numbers of tickets on sale and maintaining a policy of a minimum of 2 tickets and a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction. By maintaining this policy until nearer the time of the festival we know we can accomodate everyone who has bought a ticket if restrictions are reintroduced.

We will continue to study the Government guidance for entertainment venues and it may be necessary to take steps at the time of the Festival to ensure compliance. Should changes be made to guidelines it may be necessary to change certain arrangements in order to comply.

At this time facial coverings are not required to be worn in entertainment venues. However, current advice is that people should consider wearing them in crowded places. It is down to individual choice and we would ask that you respect anyone who chooses to wear one and give them space.

The Venue

All performances will take place in a large marquee in Victoria Park, Southport. This provides a number of advantages over a conventional venue and provides flexibility to cater for whatever restrictions, if any, are in place at the time:

  • The venue and seats can be effectively deep cleaned between performances.
  • There will be a number of entrances and exits available to reduce the pinch points associated with customers arriving and leaving.
  • The marquee will be deliberately oversize for the number of customers to allow adequate spacing between groups of seats so that Social Distancing can be maintained as far as possible should that be required.
  • The stage will be set at least 2 metres from the first row of seats.
  • Ventilation can be adjusted to cope with varying audience sizes.
  • Bar and toilet facilities will be outside of the main marquee. Queuing areas will be marked out for these facilities to encourage Social Distancing if required.
  • Seating is not fixed to allow the venue to be arranged in a manner appropriate to the number of tickets sold.


  • If necessary, seats will be set-up in groups to allow members of the same household or Support Bubble to sit together.
  • Seating will be arranged to allow the best use of the available space and to ensure adequate Social Distancing can be maintained (if required). For this reason your preferred choice of seating position may not always be available.


  • If you apply for tickets through this website and the current allocation is sold out you will be offered the option of joining the waiting list (without obligation). Nearer the time of the Festival we hope to be able to increase the allocation of tickets once we are confident new restrictions will not be introduced. The new allocation of tickets will be offered to people on the waiting list on a first come first served basis.
  • All tickets will be subject to the terms and conditions published by the ticket agent.